Thursday, 22 September 2011

Muscat Fashion Week 2011

This event was like ages ago, but I felt like posting those pictures! It was odd to have a "Fashion Week"in Oman. Why? because I feel like not everyone in Oman is into Fashion and Runways. There are Omani Designers which are good, but I really hope we have more of these events, at least MONTHLY if not weekly. To atleast encourage us (young omanis) to follow our dreams & to have support or something that will push us to go for it ( in my case which is becoming a Fashion Designer) I'll post the other "pro"pictures which weren't taken by me on another post.

Oh and not to mention there were models tripping and falling which me (giggle) SO typical of me. I couldn't hold myself,  I always tend to laugh uncontrollably especially on serious moments LOL blimey :p

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