Friday, 30 December 2011

Christian Louboutin Self Defense Clutches.

                                                                           Christian Louboutin Marquise Clutch

Talk about Self defense? Yes'sir!

2012 Resolutions♡

I'm not the resolution type of girl but I thought of making one just to insist myself on getting things done :D
Just a few hours left and we're 2012 already!

1.Stop skipping college and start attending full time.BE ON TIME, Sleep and wake up an hour before!
2.Take more Risks,and go after what I believe in.
3.Not stress out and not over think everything like a psycho. 
4.Boost my confidence.
5.Try to smile MORE often,Life's too short to frown.
6.Start Designing clothing items, at least for myself and I'll see where it goes from there :D
7.Start my own business , doesn't matter how or what, as long as I keep myself busy and do something I've always wanted to do.
8.Treat my friends the way I want to be treated.
9.Spend more time with myself.
10. Pamper myself monthly,either a haircut or get my nails done. or even a massage at a spa. I know I deserve it :D
11.Take as many fashion risks as possible, fuck what they say, I dress for myself, Bitches.
12.Get that Jumbo Chanel Bag.
13. Get the moschino belt as well.
14.BREATH, let loose, live my life not caring what anyone thinks or says.
15. Be more friendly and approachable. 
16.Know what I'm worth.
17.Stop wasting money on things I don't need,start SAVING.
18.Design a dream board of all the things I want to accomplish or buy and hang it on my bedroom for a reminder.

Last but not least,
Fuck New Year resolutions, I never stick to 'em.
but seriously, this time I'm probably accomplishing all of them InshAllah. 
Main goal:
1-Start designing clothes.
2.Starting any small business of my own.
3.Smile more often, and then the rest of the list!
Adios Mamacitas xoxo

H&M's Spring 2012 Collection

Got the spring vibe going on? It looks more like a summer collection to me! what do you think ? 

How to Contour your face.


Thursday, 29 December 2011

Best of 2011.


WOW! 2011 has been such a long year.Many things have happened on 2011. Aside from politics, i'll be talking about myself of course. I decided to come up with this post, now that we're a day away from 2012. I decided all of the highlights that I've faced in 2011 :)

BEST OF 2011:
1.GRADUATING from high school *Class of 2011<3*
2.Getting my driving licence.
3.My Room's complete makeover.
4.Getting into my first accident.
5.Winning a prize to  MEET KIM KARDASHIAN @ Dubai,Sephora.
6.Going to Jay Sean's Concert + Shontelle.
7.Having the best 70's birthday party EVER, PARTY of the year without a doubt!
8.My first year in college! Majan College.
9.Lost 2 dear family members :( ( Mama Shireen Ghammari & Khali Nabeel Zadjali) <3 May you rest in peace
10.Travelling to Turkey with my friends (School trip) Best days of my life!
11.Going on a Road trip to Dubai with my favorite girls+ sisters (DXB BABY) for 3 days.
12.Meeting a lot of new people I'm grateful for<3
13.Most unexpected heartbreak.
14.Boosting up my confidence by spending more time alone ;)
15.Kim Kardashian's Marriage and Divorce 72 days later.

I can't really remember all of the great things i've gone through But I have to say. 2011 was one hell of a year, It taught me SO much. It made me so much stronger and self independence and i'm grateful for all of the ups and downs I've faced. because we never learn if we never try right? So let the new bitch of 2012 Come a long and show us what she's got ;) Cheers to the best year (2011)
Cheers to the year that made me so much stronger! Adios 2011 <3 You will be forever missed -not-

100 Things: Part Eight.













Dsquared Pre-Fall 2012