Friday, 28 September 2012

Solutions to look better in any Outfit.

8 Foolproof Ways to Look Better in Any Outfit.

Are you Having one of those days where everything you try on looks like complete crap? Been there,done that. Now,Take a deep breath, de-stress, and prepare yourself for the perfect solutions to any crisis you might be facing!

1. Get Your Clothes Altered.

Let’s be real, no one fits perfectly into the clothes they buy off the rack, but investing a little more and getting them altered can truly make all the difference.You can add simple things such as buttons,tightening in order to fit perfectly,studs here and there, adding a hem or shoulder pads,anything you feel like adding :)

2. Add Standout Accessories

When in doubt, let your accessories stand out! metallic statement jewelry or accessories will give a pop to any dull look. “A long-chained statement necklace is the perfect add on to draw the eyes down to the waist, while a printed scarf in a bold color always adds character to a sluggish image.

3. Wear the Right Bra

 the bra you choose can either make or break your look. 

4. Take the Time to Actually Do Your Hair

Styling with a purpose, whether it be a sleek blowout or a braided topknot, will transform your outfit into a ‘look’ stat.

5. Add Some Height.

What girl doesn’t instantly feel more confident when she puts on a pair of sexy pumps or sky-high wedges? “A little bit of height will make your legs appear longer and leaner and will also make your clothes drape better.

6. Wear the Same Color Tights and Shoes.

To add inches to your stems,Opaque black tights with a black wedge, boots or even a ballet flat, for instance, is a chic way to elongate your limbs and look a bit taller.

7. Flash a Smile

The most important accessory is the one that goes with every outfit, and that's your smile,Beaming with confidence and owning your look is what makes every fashionista desirable.

Sunday, 23 September 2012


fall 2012 fashion season that set out to prove that luxury and opulence are alive and kicking, and it took the form of a revival of the heavily ornate. From embroidery to brocade, garments mirrored the lavishness of artworks, architecture and plush interior decorations – some with more baroque trills and turns than a Bach cantata.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Mawi Jewelry .

Ten years of spikes, studs and panthers!

Are you ready for some "ooooh's" and "aaah's" moment? 
I bet your jaws will drop once you're done with this post!Get ready for this beautiful jewelry journey ;)

Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton

I understand that we all have different views and opinions when it comes to fashion and  latest trends, but I'm positive I'm not the only one who hates the latest Louis Vuitton collaboration with the japenese designer, Yayoi Kusama ! I personally think it's all a big mistake! I mean come on Marc Jacobs,seriously?

 Even if I got paid to hold one of those bags,I'd refuse the offer.

Just for the sake of it being a brand, doesn't mean you should always agree or like their latest collections! What do you think of this collaboration?

Share your opinion about this collaboration,while I pop 2 panadols down my throat!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Anna Dello Russo at H&M - Fashion Shower

Anna Dello Russo teaches you everything you need to know about fashion in her new music video! The Anna Dello Russo at H&M collection will be available in selected stores and online on 4th of October.

Whats better than getting showered with fashion tips all in one song :D
It's awesome!

Lanvin & Ladureé Collaboration.

lber Elbaz, the suited and booted talent behind Lanvin, has collaborated with French macaroon house Ladurée to create his very own pink bubblegum flavour along with Ladurée pastry chef Vincent Lemains, presented in a beautifully illustrated Lanvin box with grosgrain ribbon tie.

Mhmm, bubble gum flavored macaroons, intresting for a change, No? Do I get to keep the box though ?