Monday, 21 April 2014

Featured on “Meet Oman’s Bloggerati” – Y Magazine.

They inspire, they entertain and sometimes they even change people’s lives. Y meets some of the Sultanate’s most influential bloggers. 

By Penny Fray, Noor Hyder and Shishira Sreenivas
Love them or loathe them, you can’t ignore them – bloggers are shaping our world.
Writing about everything from fashion and politics to parenting and closet skeletons – these tireless online commentators are now media’s new opinion-formers.
They jot down whatever they think, feel or know, and within seconds, it’s published and read by a global audience.

Of course, they’re not new. Bloggers have been around for decades in one guise or another. In the 1980s, they used to pin their views on virtual bulletin boards. But as Internet use spread, they made their mark on the explosively expanding world of cyberspace with their web logs – known as blogs.
Today, there are more than 410 million people viewing more than 13.1 billion blog pages each month.
Successful bloggers are now leading new lives as published authors, front row stylists and even billionaires. Even the not so famous have sufficient gravitas to top VIP lists and make a decent living from their daily ramblings.
In celebration of this new breed of creative writer, we profile some of the Sultanate’s top English language bloggers to discover the secrets behind their success.


  1. i've seen a copy as i was leaving my gym! very proud of you mademoiselle ;) keep it goin!

  2. Congrats on making the article, it is a lovely blog you have. And thanks for posting my part of the article too :)

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