Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Omani Women's Fashion Trends 2012.

Since my phone cant handle anymore pictures, I decided to post previous pictures on my blog , so that I can finally delete them from my phone! A Fashion Show I attended few months ago, I've been very lazy for not posting it at that time,but now I finally decided to post it. The theme was black and white, held at Al Bustan Palace, Majan Ballroom. and yes this was ages ago but I felt like posting about it,Since we don't have many fashion shows in Oman.

 These 5 photos were taken by my amazing friend/photographer Wijdan. 

 Wasn't impressed at all when I saw those . It looks like a chessboard stuck on the back of their abayas. very disturbing !

My only favorite was this white dress. Stunning! 

At the end of the show , we spotted many creative designs made by girls from the Scientific College of Design.

Dress made from Lipton teabags. Creativity speaks for itself!

Dress made from Palm tree leaves.

A combination of Kuma's and Musar's designed for this dress. Love the creativity. 


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  2. Some great designs!!

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    I love your blog btw

  3. This is what i like about people of Oman they are pretty good with the trends at the same time when its about designer accessories they are one step ahead in that too this is the way how it has to be and i like the most about it.Good thing keep posting it that way.

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