Sunday, 23 September 2012


fall 2012 fashion season that set out to prove that luxury and opulence are alive and kicking, and it took the form of a revival of the heavily ornate. From embroidery to brocade, garments mirrored the lavishness of artworks, architecture and plush interior decorations – some with more baroque trills and turns than a Bach cantata.

Baroque revival: the elements

  • Embroidery, needlepoint and tapestry.
  • Rich fabrics like velvet, leather and silk brocades.
  • Gold, gold and more gold. Gold hardware, gold embellishments, gold thread.
  • Ornate patterns that preference symmetry over asymmetry and curves over hard lines.
  • References to artworks, sculpture, interior design (don’t be surprised if some garments make you think of grandiose staircases or antique wallpaper).

The ornamented drama of the Baroque and Rococo periods returns in new ways for fall 2012,From gilded filagree to embroidery, plush appliques to heavy brocades, going for Baroque is one way to stand out come fall.

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