Tuesday, 13 December 2011

My Life in Shots.

Okay , just because I blog about fashion and all. Doesn't mean I can't post my daily life in pictures :p
I just felt like sharing some random pictures I recently posted on twitter!

Inta moo inta w inta g3aaan! All mine *-*

My pain healer<3 Chai karak. قصة , لن يفهمها عشاق الستاربكس 

Cause I'm too cool.

Am I allowed to shamelessly say that those were the most good looking 6agageen or whatever they're known as?

@ Slider Station.

Ahhh :')

Old shot , Was on my way to tution :p *thanwiya days* shoot me. 

The heels I never got to wear.

Karak time.

Best days. Ramdhan!

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  1. the foods and the drinks, look so yummy and im drooling right now:)