Friday, 10 February 2012

My Second Design.

This took ages to get it done and fixed over and over again.
I wasn't satisfied at it at first but now I'm proud to say it's worth all the effort! what do you think?
Vintage much? 


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  2. There's a few Muscat boutqiues that deal in local deisgns. You should show the owners your stuff and see if they'll carry it;)

  3. I've been told the same thing once,but I think we're lacking boutiques in Oman and I'm thinking of starting my own kind of thing , to see where it will get me! thanks for your support doll xo

  4. Boutique Muscat is on facebook. They were calling for local designers;)

    But if you can start your own brand I am all for you. I am always up to support local designers work by letting others know about it (and buying it myself lol).

    BTW, thank you, thank you, thank you, for the great coverage of fashion week here. I tried and tried to go but couldn't and Oman TV just flashed about 5 minutes on the whole thing.