Sunday, 9 October 2011

How college is treating me.

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Hola dolls! I haven't been posting for a very long time! *even though it's just a few days* college is exhausting & I barley find time to touch my laptop. Let's just get to my point,I've been warned that i'd be used for having my own car (I don't even have my own car) but the fact that having your own licences is kind of a big deal to them. They don't get to see the real world like most of us do, I don't know how to say it but yeah they're the "blaaad" or da5liya type. & I began noticing that it's kind of true, this girl kept asking me where I went and all of that crap, and I BARLEY Know her! My own parents don't even ask if I go out on my mid-time breaks.. Now, I began noticing some girls who would ask me to drop them to their boyfriends which are known as "their cousin" in their language and I'm sick of being the nice person. I guess the bitchy one is supposed to handle situations such as this. but come on , I'm new and I don't want to make a bad impression..I'll take it easy at first, I mean I'm not that stupid but seriously? I was shocked to find out that I actually skipped my Math class "thinking" I had a break, and the other girls who don't take it told me to drop them to meet up with their boyfriends. I mean am I your dad's driver by any chance? I was shocked when I found out I didn't even have a mid-time break. I didn't even attend math *not that I care or anything* but they could've told me that I had a lesson.I hate being so nice to people at first, but I guess sooner or later you'll end up knowing who they really are. Oh and I'm throwing all of my anger here,because i'm sick of this! It turned out to be true, you'll get used by people you barley know just to get a free ride. and you know what? I think i'm better off with my old , and best girls whom I graduated with. Not seeking for any extra close friends in college! :) adios x

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