Thursday, 6 October 2011

Woman Nearly died from Hair dye!

Mother hospitalized for three days after allergic reaction to hair dye almost killed her!
  • 29-year-old struggled to breathe as her heart rate jumped to dangerous levels
  • Scalp was left oozing yellow pus and smelt of burning flesh,
  • Victim now wants chemical banned from all UK hair dyes..

  • Pretty: How Mariade Kelly normally looks
  • Burning: Mariade Kelly's skin weeps and burns following an allergic reaction to hair dyeSwollen: How Mariade Kelly looked following the horrific allergic reaction to hair dye

  • ‘I started going grey when I was quite young so I had used other dyes in the past for years and I thought I would be fine. Before I went to bed, I felt some slight itching and my head was a bit uncomfortable. But then it just started getting worse and worse. There was yellow pus oozing from my scalp and it had the most horrific smell of burning flesh. I knew straightaway that was from the dye but at that point I didn’t panic, I just took some anti-histamines and put some Sudocrem on my hairline, where it was starting to blister, before I went to sleep.

  • A mum was left terrified and fighting for her life after suffering an allergic reaction to a bottle of hair dye.

    Mariade Kelly, 29, ended up in a hospital high-dependency unit after using a bottle of £5.99 Garnier Nutrisse in Black.

    Just hours after applying it to her hair, Miss Kelly's scalp began to weep with pus and her skin started to itch uncontrollably.

    Worried: Mariade Kelly's face swells as the allergic reaction takes hold Reaction: A packet of Garnier Nutrisse Black which Mariade Kelly used before her allergic reaction
    A packet of Garnier Nutrisse Black which Mariade Kelly used before her allergic reaction

    OHMYGOD! I can't believe I once tried to fall a sleep with hair dye still on my hair,I even walk up hours later to wash it up. and woke up at Morning to see A bright sunset on the top of my head!I'm not kidding it looked really blonde and looked really wrong. I actually remember dying it back to Black the very next day (by myself) actually the maid was mistaken and got dark blue instead! LOL I can't believe how easily I thought I could handle it, and thank god nothing similar to this happened! Hope she's better by now! poor woman :(

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