Friday, 6 January 2012

Brand pronunciation lesson.

We are constantly thinking about, loving, admiring and  about all the famous designers in the fashion and beauty industry.  We write about their stunning clothes, the dazzling jewels, the mile high heels, the fabulous handbags and everything in between.
With all these top designers being written about, have you ever given thought as to how to properly pronounce designer names?  Sure some of them just roll off the tongue but you have to admit, a few of those names don’t sound at all like how they’re spelled. ;)  I thought it would be helpful to make a list of some of the more well known and oft confused designer names and how to pronounce them, so here it goes!

Balenciaga : bah-len-see-ah-gah
Balmain : bal-mah
Bottega Veneta : bo-tega ven-e-ta
Bulgari : bull-ga-ree
Burberry Prorsum : bur-bur-ree pror-some
Carolina Herrera : caro-leena hair-era
Chanel : shuh-nel
Christian Lacroix : la-kwa
Christian Louboutin : loo-boo-tahn
Comme des Garçons : comb day gar-son
Dior : dee-or
Dolce & Gabbana : dole-chay gab-bon-a
Emilio Pucci : ee-mee-lee-oh pu-chee
Etienne Aigner : eh-tee-yen on-yay
Givenchy : jsee-vawn-chi or zhee-vahn-shee
Gucci : goo-chee
Hermès : err-mez
Hervé Léger : air-vay lay-jay
Lanvin : lon-vahn
Louis Vuitton : loo-wee vwe-tahn
Marchesa : mar-kay-sa
Moschino : mo-ski-no
Prada : prah-da
Pierre Cardin : pee-air car-dain
Versace : ver-sah-chee
Yves Saint Laurent : eve san-lor-ron
Zac Posen : poe-zen

Haha this sounds really lame but some of us really need to go through these,I KNOW i do! Enjoy ;)


  1. hahahahah best post ever ! enjoyed reading
    love it love it love ittttt

  2. Everyone NEEDS to see this & take this lesson.. Great post!


  3. Brilliant = Bri-leee-ooont

  4. I'm glad you guys enjoyed this post!
    exc-e-lle-nto! ;)

  5. LOL I just found your blog. pretty awesome. and very true some people do need to learn the correct way of pronouncing brand names and other things too haha

  6. love it! tres educative ;p