Saturday, 14 January 2012

Fashion Friday/TAG, I'm it!

TAG! I’m It!

Here are some basic facts about me,I've been tagged by the gorgeous Tammy from cheers doll! x

 11 Random things about Moi:

1.I was born on Valentines Day.

2.Tea with milk always makes my day. (Karak)

3. I'm a huge spender, I spend on anything and everything.

4.Chocolate and shopping are my biggest weakness. 

5.I don't believe in Love.

6.I drink way too much water.

7.I spray too much perfume, more than one kind (all at once)

8.I'm good at giving advice to people,but when it comes to me.  BLANK.

9.I'm too LOUD and my crazy laugh is my trademark.

10.I'm such a moody person.

11.I always get what I want and don't like being controlled by anyone.


1. If you had to choose a world without fashion or a world without music, which would you choose? 
*This is really tricky, i can't live without both. Fashion is what I breath and Music is what I hear. So both?

2. Have you accomplished any of your life goals? 
*Meeting Kim Kardashian (TICK), and the rest of my to-do list is still under construction ;)

3. What's the meaning of LOVE to you? 
Even though I said I never believed in such things, Love is feeling safe and happy with someone. Being yourself and sharing laughter and memories. He has to respect you and appreciate you,treat you like a princess. This is love , my friend.

4. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? *USA ,Milan,china,Lebanon,Turkey or even DXB. As long as it's out of this country!

5. who’s the biggest inspiration in your life right now? 
*My father ,Audrey hepburn,Marlyin Manroe.

6. What's your favorite thing about blogging? 
*Posting everything inspiring,from fashion,quotes and getting outfit ideas.

7. What's your favorite thing out of anything you own? My amazing room and everything in it,My car,& my amazing family,My independence and my blog:)

8. Do you believe in fate? Yes?

9. What's your favorite song? 6al3 3ashg,la t8arni b'3airi,all of rashid's,man9or elzayd,7sain eljismi,etc 5aleji songs & English:
Breathing,Alors on dance,Dame,Danza kudoro,Give me everything,Little bad girl,Mister saxo beat,we found love & the list goes ON..

10. Jeans or dresses? Jeans for sure ;)

11. What's your favorite food?I love pastas(alfredo's and lasagna's are my thing) and I also like chinese food,mushroom swiss & the rest of the junk family!

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