Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hotel Maison Moschino - Milan

Maison Moschino has been designed by Moschino design team in collaboration with Creative Director Rossella Jardini. The building is divided into four floors consisting of 63 rooms and 2 junior suites, as well as bars, restaurants, spa and fitness center. After entering the Maison Moschino, guests soon filled by Moschino basic lampshade dress, this time really act as a lamp. The interaction between architecture and fashion resonates deeply, and looks beautiful in the entire hotel offering guests the opportunity to experience an alternative life, a world made up for the offer that was built by digging surrealism imagination.

A bed like a ballgown

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

Details, details!

IIThis is amazinglybeautifulstunninglypretty *takes deep breath* LOVE IT!


  1. haha I've been here, well not at the hotel since my fathers apartment is just an 1hr from milan (torino) I was actually just standing near the small restaurant beside it (blue thing) deciding where on earth would we eat? Good to know it's history though, thanks!

    1. Oh wow! lucky you, if I was in your place I'd sneek in to take a quick look haha :p

  2. Wow. Very creative hotels. All of your rooms are very unique and the most I like is your bed. They are truly amazing! I hope I can come here. Thank you for sharing! Anyway if your are interested, Check our other latest hotel milan here.