Friday, 9 March 2012

Muscat Fashion Week 2012 - DAY 3

Day Three of Muscat Fashion Week.

United Arab Emirates -Kanzi Boutique 

Collection of 
Hassan Mardash 


More coming Soon...


  1. wow, there were a few I wish I owned, then again. I can only imagine the price tag :|

  2. yup,thing is it can get a bit too pricey! but kanzi's collection is just beyond amazing <3 thanks for passing by x

  3. Gross weddings dresses, but some very pretty flowey caftans and evening wear.

    Thanks again for posting, especially Dibaj. I was waiting for another Omani label.

  4. I agree,the wedding dresses were tacky. and there are a few collections of Omani students who study fashion design, will post 'em soon although they weren't that nice!