Friday, 15 June 2012

Inspiration mood board.

I've been very busy latley and I finally have one week to rest! I've been very busy working on my design for the course I'm currently going to! I'm proud of the design that I made but wasn't that satisfied with the colors I chose because I was in such a rush to submit it on it's due date. But thank god, we are allowed to make a few changes if we had the time. Anyway the competition is about designing an outfit that has a mixture of 3 cultures,Oman,Brazil and Kazakhstan! and thanks to brainstorming, I could come up with a few designs,and I'm satisfied with it! For the mood board,we had to put pictures that inspired us, colors and everything that describes the designs we made ,Here are some pictures I liked , so just thought of posting some here!

And no we weren't told to design two piece costumes, but the RIO carnival costumes in Brasil inspired me, and i loved the colors!


  1. Those half naked women disgust me. But i like the clothes from Kazakhstan!!!

  2. its asala designing compition right ??? i heard about it from samah al whaibi
    i wish to participate in it
    but i am busy with college
    but suure i will be there Covering the event
    wish u good luck

  3. Yeah it is! You should reAlly consider joining it next year ;)