Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Summer Holiday 2012.

Since I didn't have time to update on my blog , I decided to post some pictures of my holiday! I spent 15 days at Malasiya with my bestest friends whom I consider as my sisters + my cousin and other 2 (biological sisters:p ) , and el7amdillah we're all sooo close!

It was honestly the best trip I've been to, and I already want to go back!
This is for you, Bambi, Saroo,Zuhra,Kawi,Zaza & Dndoosh! *cheers to the loudest , most craziest people I have ever met, including me ofcourse :p

Enjoy ;)

(To be honest, we weren't cheering for Spain nor Italy, we knew about the match  the same day and felt like cheering for spain! and yes , we didn't even get to see the match! We also had to wait at a very long Q just to get our face painted, but it was so much fun ! )

One of the kids that were waiting on the Q! so adorable

It looks like a MUGSHOT pic!

This day was full of energy! LOL ^^

Too much green , No?

Karaoke Night at redbox baby! *AMAZING place*

My outfit.

At bery'ls chocolate factory *drools*

How chocolate is originally made.

Too cute!

Cutest Cupcakes!

It was like love at first sight.


  1. i didnt read the caption , i was just scanning ur pictures n i was like heeeey this places look so familiar. n when i saw u were at the choc factory. i was like heeeeey those r malay words. hahah i bet u had fun in malaysia :)


  2. Loved the books cn I borrow them <3 ??? :p