Thursday, 18 October 2012

Janet Jackson Is To Become a Qatari Wifey

Janet Jackson Is To Become a Qatari Wifey

Janet is 46 and kicking ass!

She's about to marry a super rich Qatari businessman, Wissam Al Mana, who owns whole bunch of luxury brands, Saks Fifth Avenue in Dubai is among them.

I've noticed that Janet has been dressing very conservatively lately - long sleeves, no cleavage, covered up to her neck. But no matter what she wears and no matter how old she is, she always looks so spunky, young and adorable.

Wedding is scheduled for 2013 and will cost an estimate of $24 Million

At the age of 36 , Future groom is about 10 years younger than his blushing 46 year old bride. You rob that cradle, girl!

My first name ain't baby, it's Janet, Mrs. Al Mana if you're nasty

The couple are currently planning a whopping 20 Million Dollar wedding in Doha, Qatar for 2013.

Wissam Al Mana was born in Doha and according to sources close to the couple, it’s going to be the wedding of the century.

“They have tentatively set a late 2013 wedding date. But they are still working out the details and the exact day.”

They will reportedly spend $3 million to fly in their 500 wedding guests from all over the world, while Wissam wants to give all attendees a $10,000 Rolex watch each as a thank you for attending. – The source said

46-year-old Janet Jackson and her Qatari fiance, Wissam,37, started dating back in 2010.

In response to news about their age difference, here is what the singer said:

“My mother always raised us to believe that age was just a number. All of us – my sisters, my brothers – we’ll just tell you our ages because it’s all about where you are mentally and how you feel about yourself. It doesn’t matter.”

She seems so happy with him.

Looks like Janet is straight-up wearing abaya:


  1. When I first found out I was like :O I would've never imagined a Jackson to marry a gulf arab lol I was like "whattt?!!" But I'm glad she's found some happiness she looks like a fun kinda woman. I have to say, at 46 or anything above 40 really... I'd like to think a woman would become a bit more conservatively dressed regardless of who she is. It's more classy/refined. I don't want to see 40 + year old boobies haha. Last thing, I get with richness comes a lavish life.... but a 20 mill dollar wedding? You could do a beautiful one with 1 mil. It never made sense to me how people could throw away money so easily all for the sake of "their name".

  2. I know right! It's way too much to be spending over a wedding plus they mentioned they'll be sending their guests all the way to Qatar! I must say I'm excited to see how the wedding will turn out to be ;)

  3. Hehehehe me too, almost became a qatari mrs., but I could never leave Oman for Qatar evvvvver.

    LOL, very expensive, but I mean, if I had the money I'd invite all the people I care about and fly them over too soooo.

    I hope she starts wearing abaya. We need more funky abaya stylists;) lol. She'd excerise it super cool fooooor sure. But then, if my husband owned Saks, I'd have enough fabric to never nead abaya ever again ha hahahahaha.