Friday, 18 January 2013

Muscat Fashion Week 2013

The venue for Muscat Fashion Week is now official - for the 3rd year MFW will take place in the beautiful settings of Riyam Park.

One of the Ad Campaigns was designed by Nawal Al Hooti

The day i've been waiting for has finally arrived! 15th,16th and 17th of Non-stop fashion! I've attended all 3 fashion shows and I'm glad I catched up with the 3 shows even though I had exams. The weather was amazing and the collections that have been showcased on the runway were amazing.

I managed to get good seats at the VIP section, and tried my best to take pictures of all the collections to keep everyone updated on instagram. & trust me , picking out pictures, fixing them and collaging them was very exhausting  but worth it.

The Event was held at Riyam Park . gates opened at 7:30.
& the weather was PERFECT! 

Here's to day 1 ;)

Collections of :
1.Oman designer, Nawal Al Hooti.
2.DAS Collection by Reem Beljafla and Hind Beljafla.
3.Jordanian designer, Tatyana Aceeva
4.Zhor Rais.

Enjoy the pictures!

Starting with Nawal Al-Hooti's collection.

Nawal Al Hooti, Oman

Nawal Al Hooti was representing Muscat and her designs showed a flare for traditional artisan craftsmanship as well as some modern ideas. She designs with the modern Arab woman in mind. Al Hooti has shown at MFW the last two years.

To be continued on next post.


  1. I know where you were sitting now lol. I was right behind you;) to the right.

    Gorg. photos of some of Nawal's pieces.

  2. Thank you dear! I wish we met there! x