Saturday, 16 February 2013

Dar Al Aseel - The Imperial Collection 2013.

Dar Alaseel is an Omani Clothing line brand owned by Amal Al Raisi with a 

belief that her brand comes with creations that has no boundaries. Her 

brand proudly handicraft EACH and every unique dress..Including the one on

your mind!

Makeup and hair done by Sahar Al-Azawi , Owner of Saharz Beauty 

Centre. Clothing: By Amal Al-Raisi , Owner of Dar Al Aseel . Creative Art 

Directing & Photo production by Al - Musafir Production

Setting of Photo shoot:  Shakespeare. 

"The Imperial" collection by Amal Al Raisi with a classic and elegant touch throughout this collection. 

To have more information about this collection, feel free to E-mail them on:

Contact: +968-95263883/ 22007922

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