Saturday, 24 September 2011

Bumble Bee Nails.

What you will need :
-Bright Yellow Nail Polish
-Black Nail Polish or Liquid Eyeliner (some liquid eyeliners might not work but most do.)
-White Nail Polish
-Clear Nail Polish

*Note: Make sure the nail polish is dry before you add more.*
What to do:
1. Paint all your nails yellow.

2. Do a black tip on your thumb and continue to do horizontal stripes all the way down , then add to white dots on the tip to represent eyes.

3. On your pinky , middle & index fingers , draw trails of dots to represent the bee’s flight.

4. On your ring finger , draw a simple bee : An oval shape with a vertical stripe down the middle , 2 humps on its back , a little stinger & antennae. You can also add a tiny trail of dots on the corner of your ring finger’s nail. ( See picture )

5. Put on the clear nail polish once it has all dried.

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