Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Long time eh?

wow it feels like I haven't been blogging for ages! college hours seem to snap me out of the boredom and doesn't fail as a time-killer routine. I'm just so glad I started college instead of starting on February as I had planned earlier. I'll be done with my 15 week foundation course and then go straight to HR. Then the seriousness begins *yawn* I'm just enjoying it so far elHamdillah , I'm loving every moment of it , except the part of waking up and rushing to be on time , *always fails* but yeah I'm planning to work hard. I want to please my parents :D Oh and I started realizing that drama has arrived earlier than I expected, this girl tells me this about that girl, this girl warns me about that girl , who has been warned by that other girl .. Seriously? I came to college to study and make friends but with limits. NOT start a gossip girl season all over again. All I know is that I'll never have such true friends as the ones I have right now, my qps beloved Anyway I was in DXB few days ago, I won the prize of meeting Kim Kardashian and I was actually stunned with how BEAUTIFUL kim really is! None of that shit was photo shopped, I just couldn't help but stare at her! it was too good to be true! and I'm glad I spent the rest of the time shopping with daddy's credit card! I love him and I'm glad he took me all the way to dubai just for Kim Kardashian's sake! my older sister came along and we had a BLAST! Just a day and we decided to stay at crown plaza which was heavenly amazing !


  1. ur studying hr :D
    am planing to change my major from nursing to hr
    cannot describe how nursing sucks *oops*
    about the college tell me about it ! girls are just still girls wherever they go
    i hate that king of people who's just gossiping all the time ! but i think ur little bit wrong
    its nice to always have new friends and keep ur old friends
    :D try it u'll meet different king of people u'll get to know different types learn from each one of them something
    and about u meeting kim
    pleeeease we need pictureees how was ur trip
    how was kim details ;p
    kisses love ur blog <3

  2. Your post made me smile ghadooora! you have a point about this whole process, but yeah I'd prefer to put a limit when it comes to college drama! and tell me about hr! when are you starting and stuff? & kim's details was *_* I managed to take pictures of her, so many! and I hope some were taken of me too! xx

  3. am planing to move to los angles, us
    to study in California state uni
    but lel2sf ra7 3lya deadline le altgdeem for winter 2012 that was supposed to be al semester ele ybd2 f January so i applied for fall 2012
    its going to begin in September 2012 way far from now :(