Friday, 25 November 2011

MAKEUP Forever products.

Those 3 makeup items, I spent god knows how much on! but guess what? I use none of them except for the HD powder which is doing a good job so far!
The Mat Velvet Foundation did a good job too,and has great coverage but I found it too heavy for college espically at morning, It feels too cakey so I stopped using it.
On the other hand, the primer is another story. I decided to use it for parties,weddings only cause It adds an instant shine which may look a bit too much for a normal outing! but I'll have to say,the only thing I wasn't convinced about was the HD powder,Wrong. I use it everyday I put on makeup,it reduces the pores and gives you a va-va-voom touch up. I can't really explain how this works. It just finishes off the look, and it's just one translucent shade that works on everyone.


  1. i have the same primer :| mdre wsh yswe a9ln
    no difference at all :S

  2. Haha! well It kind of reduces the look of the pores , try looking closer before applying it , w then apply it after. you might notice a teeny tiny difference plus it gives a softer look!