Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Just a thought..

You know the saying "Looks aren't everything." well I kind of agree with this saying right now. i thought it never existed, but after meeting someone who's too stuck up and full of himself. I finally realized that it's TRUE! You see a ridiculously good looking person,who's all too stuck up and full of himself. and it really bothers me. The way they think the whole world revolves around them. i mean I know, we sometimes like getting all of the attention and it's always about ME,ME,ME! but when it's a guy who's having trouble with obsessing over himself.Now that's a major problem,and it's such a turn off. & You know what? I hate to admit, but if someone won't bother asking about my day,or what I did or where I went,then sorry Brad Pitt. I've got to pass you. I need someone who's there for me,someone who knows how to make me laugh. Not someone who's always too stuck up and always talks about his money. That's just sick. Shut the fuck up, You either make me laugh or go shove your money right up your ass. I may sound a bit too harsh. but this is true, I really hate show off's,who talk about how much money they make,and how much they bought this and that. and stuff that are more related to girls.Man up,dude! Yeah maybe looks may be a bonus point, but you won't ever live happily if you're stuck with someone who blabbers about what he does and how much he makes and never asks about you or what you've been up to lately. and trust me, sooner or later you're gonna realize that you're just wasting your time with a douche bag who's all too full of himself. If you can make her laugh,your looks are just a bonus point.I never realized the saying made sense until I realized that looks really aren't everything. Just a thought that was going through my mind ,and thought of bursting the bubble here! 


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