Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Mulberry Look-A-Likes?

I was at BHS latley and those 3 Mulberry look-a-likes caught my eye. They cost like 20 Omani rials? I've seen other similar bags but in a diffrent store.I'll try to take a shot as soon as I go again!

Original Mulberry:

The one's I saw at BHS:

Okay these may not claim that they're mulberry's but would you ever consider buying one as it costs much less than the original one? Would you carry it as a mulberry bag or you won't even bother spending a penny on it? In my opinion,as long as they don't claim to be mulberry as most fake bags claim to be.


  1. I like the second simil Mulberry!


  2. will ummmm i wouldn't buy a look a like that looks as cheap as this one !
    but i dont mind the idea of a look alike something
    but the look alike something have to look good!