Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Be Fearless.

Walking down the sidewalk, in the hallways at work or school, through boutiques or at your favorite restaurant, you observe glances, stares and perhaps comments as you go about your business ,some of us (many of us at one time or another) begin to, almost without thinking, fidget, lowering your head slightly or feel a bit uncomfortable. Why? Honestly, there is no real reason except for the reason you’ve created in your head.

Today, I want to convince you to let go of others judgments. What I'm trying to say is that It's about time we stop caring what anyone thinks of us , why make it an issue at the first place? It's been said many times that most people are too worried about themselves to notice what’s going on with them, the truth is, we know people judge because you and I have most likely been guilty of passing judgment a time or two in the past ourselves. But today I’d like to ask you, in what way does passing judgment on others help us in our every day lives and in pursuing our dreams? It doesn’t.

Here are a few ways to ignore what others think of us and let it go, it's our life after all and we should be living it the way we want !

1. Understand that their judgment has very little to do with you. Accept that those who judge are actually reflecting their own insecurities, fears and frailties which have nothing to do with you what-so-ever.

2. Become grounded and confident in who you are and what you are doing. People who mock, tease or try to tear down others are less likely to continue to do so when their target doesn’t back down or ignores them completely. When you are certain of yourself, your actions and your choices the “bullies” will soon realize that they aren't affecting what you're doing and will soon stop criticizing !

3. Fall in love with the life you are living. Get busy chasing your goals and dreams. Fill your days with to-dos that bring you joy and lift your mood. When you become too busy with the choices you’ve made and the life you are building for yourself, you no longer have time to analyze and stress about what others might be thinking about your decisions.

4. Stop Assuming the Worst. Most people aren’t as interested in our actions, appearance and thoughts as we think. Let them do their thing, and get on about the business of doing yours because truthfully, “those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter, don’t mind” what you do, as long as you are being true to yourself.

Once you are able to let go of what others think, you will feel your self esteem boosting in no time .You will feel a weight of pressure remove itself allowing you to breathe deeper and step forward with more confidence as you begin to live the life that is calling your name, begging you to enjoy. Is there a specific style or trend that you've been dying to try out but not sure how some people might react? JUST DO IT! 

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and once you have confidence in yourself , your free to wear whatever you feel like wearing , not caring how anyone thinks! Have you been searching on how to start your very own business? Research, read books, meet people to stay motivated , one day you'll remember all the hard work to get you where you've wanted to be . Want to watch a movie at the cinema but can't find anyone for company ? Just GO book a ticket for yourself and watch that movie solo style! I won't lie I was freaking out the first time i decided to watch a movie at the cinema by myself, but trust me it's not as sad or as scary as it seems! I actually felt more independent and didn't mind going to the movies by myself! I enjoyed it without interruption!

With our actions, we define what a fulfilling life looks like, and if we always cared about the judgments of others, we are limiting the amazing opportunities life has waiting to share with us. So today,this is your life , and you should be living it the way you want to , to helI with what others think and just enjoy your god damn life cause life's too short for regrets ! choose to dare greatly as you begin living the life you’ve been dreaming about!

I decided to post stuff that are motivating and inspiring to help me reach my goals in life , stay tuned for more inspirational quotes,sayings,etc ;)