Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Models Off Duty.


  1. I'm actually 5'10. If I could've changed anything in life. I would've went back and done modelling. But what's always stopped me is yawm al qiyama (if you believe in that) what am I gonna say? It's a lovely lifestyle but *sigh* is it worth it? lol so I left it to the females who do it best.

    1. Of course I do believe in it! and I totally agree with you, let's just admire their lifestyles & live ours the right way ;)

    2. no sorry, I added the (if you believe in that) just on the slight chance you maybe had differing religious opinion or maybe didn't believe in anything at all, Was more of a respectful addition. Totally sorry! I meet the weirdest people so I'm always cautious when it comes to religion or cultural identity or anything else that can cause a fiasco ^_^

    3. No need to apologies sweety ;) now you know I do for sure. elhamdillah