Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Day 2:Muscat Fashion Week 2013- TOUJOURI

DAY 2: January 16
Schedule: (Gates open at 7:30)

1.Toujouri, Qatar

2.Kanzi, UAE

3.Razan Alazzouni, Saudi Arabia

4.Dibaj, Oman
Qatar-based demi-couture line Toujouri, launched in 2009, (the name literally translates as ‘treasure chest’), has creative dynamo and veteran fashion insider Lama El-Moatassem at its helm. She further built on her prestigious fashion credentials by training at uber-brands Chloe and Matthew Williamson. Vintage textiles, a bespoke, rich colour palette, luxurious brocade and detailed, hand-created embroideries (which can take upto three painstaking months to complete) are the basis of collections that fluidly combine eastern and western influences

(Still can't get over these!)

PS: I did not claim i'm a pro photographer or something, most of the pictures are captured from my i-phone and the others are from facebook. So I am aware some might not be that clear,but I was just willing to update everyone on instagram (due to some people's requests)  especially the one's who did not have the chance to attend the shows :D

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