Sunday, 25 September 2011

My first beauty products!

Don't we all remember our first beauty product and how it made us feel?

Whether it was an eyeshadow from your sister or a stolen spritz of perfume off your mom's dresser, those products helped to transport us to another world where we were grown-up . As we grew older, we got involved into the real deal.
I'll try my best to remember my very first beauty products, I think I started when I was about 13? (Barley any eyeliner and lipgloss tubes)

One thing I really remember was my fear of applying eyeliner, I don't know what it was about it that scared me but since those innocent days, I can't bare seeing myself without eyeliner!

All I can remember is that my very first eyeliner was from Marks and Spencer (if only I knew how bad their makeup was) but we never know unless we start trying them out:

It was either this or the eyeliner pencils from Mikyaji.

Then I remember buying one of those lip tubes that had a shiny shade.

Similar to these, except that they weren't from Victoria's secret for sure.

I remember getting this as a gift , it was eva longora's makeup set. Can't really remember but yeah this was my first ever blush:p

and last but not least i quiet remember how I started using these from mum's makeup bag :
Ahhh don't we all love the old days and how we thought we could pull it off. Good old days (:


  1. Yeah the good old days. At least yours were of knwon brands. Mine were the ones you'd get for 200 baisa in Muttrah souq. Gosh memories really take us back.

  2. haha so cute! please tell me one of them was that green lipstick that magically turns into pink? :D

  3. Yesss exactly, my very first lipstick <3

  4. Allaah! I loved that lipstick! Do they still sell them in Matrah? <3