Wednesday, 2 November 2011

للهم اني اسالك في هذه الساعه ان تجعل امطارك امطار خير تنفع بها البلاد والعباد اللهم احفظ عمان واهلها من كل شر

It's been raining like crazy in Oman today. We were all looking forward for a few drops of rain, but didn't know it would get this bad. I hope everyone's fine and may Allah protect all of those who are in danger :(

This is a Al Nahdha hospital , I feel so bad for them!

City center Qurum's ceiling falling apart.

The way I use to reach college. Thank GOD , Mutrah.
I thought of skipping college today!
or else i'd be stuck in college till god knows when!

Inside the Hospital^

صورة ثانيه من عماإان ،، امطاإاإار غزيرررررره ، Strong rain May God help them،،@   Sultanate Oman

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  1. omg did that happened in Oman ?
    am totally shocked like ur used to rain and that stuff
    what happened :|
    i heard nothing about it in news
    here in jeddah we became afraid of winter cause the last tow winters was a disaster if u've seen the news
    personally i was about to die i've seen death so close to me i was floating and the water in the car was about my neck
    houses and cars was destroyed uhhhhhhh it was awful i hope its not going to happen again this winter