Wednesday, 2 November 2011

100 Things: Part Four.

31. Waking up to realize I have more time to sleep.

bed, bedroom, curtains, decor, flowers

32. the Smell of Petrol.
beach, gas station, paisage, sky

33. Finding money you forgot about long time ago.
brunette, dollars, fashion, girl, money

34.Writing Lists, and ticking them off after achieving them.
laugh, life, list, live, love

35.Reading a book ( a guide book) always encouraging.
book, girl, photography

36.Saving countless pictures for fashion inspiration,etc...
Pinned Image

37.Noticing someone so effing good looking staring at you. *blush*
artsy, bracelets, brunette, girl, photography

38.Locking myself in my room & shaking that bootaaay infront of the mirror . *dance*
dance, denim, denim jacket, fashion, girl

39. Shopping all by myself,without any nagging.
bag, legs, pink, shoes, shopping

40. Being told you're funny or people who laugh at a joke you made.
amaizing, beautiful, blonde, girl, girls

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