Sunday, 27 November 2011

Kim Kardashian's Marie Claire December 2011. (What actually happened)

Marie Claire‘s December cover featuring Kim Kardashian surfaced just ten days after the reality TV star filed for divorce. The headline, which read, “Kim Kardashian Reveals What Went On In Her Crazy Marriage” Now, images from the photo shoot and half of the interview have been released (you can read the rest when the issue hits newsstands November 22)–But they don’t immediately clear anything up. It’s obvious that the interview took place when Kim was still married–the actress says things like “I feel like where [Kris and I are] right now is the best time in my life,” and, “We have a lot of trust, and I don’t think either of us would do anything to break that. It makes life so easy. He’s such a good guy.”

But the story was definitely written (or rewritten) after Kim filed for divorce, and the writer acknowledges that the marriage lasted only 72 days. Usually when relevant news breaks so close to an issue going to press, only a postscript is added at the end but in this case, it looks like the whole story was rewritten. That’s quite a feat considering, as we mentioned, the issue was published at most a week, and likely just days, after Kim filed for divorce and would have required some serious scrambling on Marie Claire‘s part.

(It looks like she's grabbing john travolta's hair!) LMAO,A line that was said by Joan Rivers on Fashion Police!

What's with the hair?

I swear I barley knew it was her on the cover! she looks so different! and this was obviously taken before her divorce. But no matter what happens i'll always be inspired by her! she's been going through a lot of stuff lately and nothing can bring her down! Keep your head high K x

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  1. She looks so beautiful and natural..
    I prefer her like this to when she's caked in makeup